Membership with the National Congress of State Games
The National Congress of State Games has three types of members: Full, Developing and Affiliate.

Full Member
Existing State Games organizations that meet all the requisites and at least one elective membership requirement. 

Benefits of being a full member of the NCSG include:
  • Media Monitoring through Meltwater and TVEyes
  • Event Insurance
  • TEAMS Conference and Expo access
  • NCSG Slack (Best Practices)
  • SafeSport Discount
  • TeamSnap Discount

Organizations that intend to conduct a States, but have not yet done so, can apply for Developing membership. Developing members have 3 years to meet the criteria of full membership. 

Affiliate Member
Organizations that do not conduct or intend to conduct State Games but wish to associate with the National Congress of State Games for the mutual benefit of the Congress and the applicant organization. 

All applicants for membership will be reviewed by the Membership Committee for approval.