NCSG Athletes of the Year

Athlete of the Year Awards

The program offers the NCSG member state an opportunity to nominate deserving athletes for consideration by the Committee for the selection of our awards. The nomination form has been sent out in the NCSG newsletter. If you need the form, please contact the home office or the Awards Chair. 
The Award Categories
  • Male
  • Female
*prior to 2023, Athletes of the Year were awarded in adult and youth categories for male and female.
Year Award Name State Sport
1994 Male John Brown Missouri Basketball
1994 Female Char Foster Florida Track & Field
1995 Male Lonn Saunders Montana Shooting
1995 Female Shameka Whigham Mississipi Track & Field
1996 Male Curt Clausen North Carolina Race Walking
1996 Female Jessica Neumiller Wyoming Multi-Sport (3 Events)
1997 Female Marykirk Gunnningham Virginia Race Walking
1997 Male Robert Gent Utah Multi-Sport (4 Events)
1998 Female Thrine Kane New York Shooting
1998 Male Soren Thompson California Fencing
1999 Female Julie Zeigler North Carolina Ice Hockey
1999 Male Jamie Beyer Iowa Track & Field
2000 Female Amber Davis Florida Weightlifting
2000 Male Jerry Owen Nebraska Soccer
2001 Female Laura Esp Montana Multi-Sport (3 Events)
2001 Male Michael Hafenbrack Nebraska Weightlifting
2002 Female Renee' Coppock Montana Road Race
2002 Male Houshang Bozorgzadeh Iowa Table Tennis
2003 Female Loretta Dodson Pennsylvania Track & Field
2003 Male Kerry McDermott Nebraska Multi-Sport (3 Events)
2004 Female Louise Wing Massachusetts Synchronized Swimming
2004 Male Andy Anderson New Mexico Track & Field
2005 Female Pat Jaffary Montana Road Race
2005 Male Rob Pilcher Nebraska Wrestling
2006 Female Katie Sutton Missouri Road Race
2006 Male Bill Wambach Wisconsin Track & Field
2007 Female Alice Pust Utah Cycling
2007 Male Lorenzo Schipp New Mexico Judo
2008 Female Marlene Tetrault Montana Multi-Sport (5 Events)
2008 Male Chris Page Maine Powerlifting
2009 Female Cindy Hauber Iowa Triathlon
2009 Male Dave Sutko Nebraska Multi-Sport (25 Events)
2010 Male Stephen Peirce Oregon Multi-Sport (20 Events)
2010 Female Iona Stookey Montana Volleyball
2010 Youth Garrett Allen Maine Weightlifting
2011 Male Cecil Pegram Montana Multi-Sport (6 Events)
2011 Female Whitnee Johnson Missouri Gymnastics
2011 Youth Justin Liedke Nebraska Track & Field
2012 Male Carroll Marty Iowa Track & Field
2012 Female Danna Kelly Iowa Triathlon
2012 Youth Sean Lee California Track & Field
2013 Male Bryan Brosious Montana Multi-Sport (15 Events)
2013 Female Jen Reiter Montana Multi-Sport (3 Events)
2013 Youth Taileena Oja Missouri Swimming
2014 Male Elmer Hawse Missouri Shooting
2014 Female Jennifer Buckner New Mexico Weight Lifting
2014 Youth Braden Ivey Mississippi Martial Arts
2015 Male Josh Majerus Nebraska Wrestling
2015 Female Andrea Weiss New Mexico Badminton
2015 Youth Danika Osman Missouri Swimming
2016 Youth Male  Sabastian Harsh Nebraska Wrestling
2016 Youth Female Colette and Elyse Levens Michigan Multi-Sport
2016 Male Don "Boomer" McCrea Oregon Multi-Sport
2016 Female Janet Brady Michigan Track & Field
2017 Youth Female Hailey Poole Montana Track & Field
2017 Youth Male Daylin Toms West Virginia Wrestling
2017 Female Dorian McMenemy Massachusetts Swimming
2017 Male Dave Winslow Montana Bowling
2018 Youth Female Maycee Peacher Nebraska Wrestling
2018 Youth Male Adin Fetibegovic Michigan Tae Kwon Do
2018 Female Sharon Harris Montana Multi-Sport
2018 Male Chad Lorenz Kansas Track & Field
2019 Youth Female Aubriella Hairston Alabama Ninja Challenge
2019 Youth Male Peter Thompson Montana Swimming
2019 Female Bonnie Coleman New Mexico Multi-Sport
2019 Male Michael Gallardo California Track & Field
2020 Youth Female Teagan Dymek Massachusetts Volleyball
2020 Youth Male Reese Stevenson Massachusetts Swimming
2020 Female Ashlynn Moore Virginia Track & Field
2020 Male Kevan Hueftle Nebraska Track & Field
2021 Youth Female Olivia Goodwin Virginia Swimming
2021 Youth Male Cooper Conner Mississippi Soccer
2021 Female Rachel Lee Michigan Archery
2021 Male Brady O'Donnell Massachusetts Soccer
2022 Youth Female Erika Blanchard Massachusetts FootGolf
2022 Youth Male Delmace Mayo Massachusetts Para Track & Field
2022 Female Winifred "Winkie" LaForce North Carolina Pickleball
2022 Male Buck Wood Nebraska Pickleball
2023 Female Madalynn Grant Virginia Track & Field
2023 Male Emmett Hassenstab Nebraska Track & Field